Beautify is a full-screen image processing effect that improves the image quality in real time producing incredibly crisp and vivid scenes.

Beautify uses smart algorithms in a single pass, resulting in a very fast image effect, suitable for both desktop and mobile platforms.

Includes extra visual effects to make your scenes delicious: high quality bloom, anamorphic flares, Sun flares, purkinje shift, ACES tonmapping operator, eye adaptation, depth of field, vignetting, dirty lens, outline, sepia, frame, night and thermal vision.

Purchase ($35)


  • Improves local pixel contrast, enhancing visual features and producing sharp images.
  • Reduces or completely removes banding in gradients, usually seen in sky boxes due to color quantization..
  • Adjusts pixel saturation, boosting pixel color without oversaturating the image.
  • Implements several heuristics to reduce or remove any artifacts over edges or thin objects, like wires.
  • Beautify is very easy to use, just add the image effect to your camera, choose a preset and that's all.
  • Works with forward and deferred rendering paths as well as linear and gamma color spaces.
  • Includes extra high quality effects: bloom, anamorphic flares (horizontal/vertical), Sun lens flares, depth of field, purkinje shift, ACES tonemapping operator, eye adaptation, vignetting, dirty lens, outline, frame, sepia, night and thermal vision.
  • Very fast - two shader variants are included, one optimized for mobile.
  • Two demo scenes included to demonstrate the different presets and their effects.