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Developer's Corner / Re: Unity version poll
« on: May 08, 2020, 08:32:51 PM »
Unity 2020.1


I released Frontline Zed on 2017.4 using your fog, beautify, and highlight assets.

Development of that game is now finished. The last time I needed to download your assets was 6 months ago at least.

I've begun a new title in pre-production now, using 2020.1. I intend to go up to 2020.3 LTS and stay there.

I'm using BultinRP because from my early tests with HDRP/URP they could not properly convert materials from Store Assets without massive visual errors.

Feature Requests / Make 'Sync with profile' disabled by default
« on: May 10, 2019, 08:40:41 AM »
Please make 'Sync with profile' disabled by default - I've lost a few scene details (and had to resort to source control backups) because a profile was copied from another scene and this setting was enabled unknowingly.

Announcements & Showcase / Re: Performance stats
« on: March 11, 2019, 01:38:58 PM »
How does the performance compare between Volumetric and Dynamic mist assets? Assuming you are using them in a similar way - standard existing profile of fog with minor tweaks to the settings.

How do I turn fog void and fog areas on and off? There are no enable/disable buttons.

PS Appreciate your help. None of these questions seem to be answered, and I'm providing the perspective of a new user!

No answer to this that I can find via search:

How do I rotate the fog void box? :-(

Mate, just tell me to download (and pay for) Volumetric Fog and mist :-D

I achieved the effect I wanted in a few minutes with fog void.

I think your BookoftheDead video is misleading... that effect cannot be achieved out of the box with DynamicMist.

Edit: mostly achieved. How do I rotate the fog void box?

If I have to go in and create scripts, its not really suitable. I just want to set a global level of fog, and then use fog volumes (or whatver) to carve in or carve out areas of fog. This seems like a pretty core feature that a customer would want to use.

How were the MarzRising fog areas achieved? Was that via the Volumetric Fog asset?

Ok, to be specific, here is a screenshot from my topdown game. The camera and playable character don't really move (like tower defense) and its not an FPS.

How can I give the appearance of fog (or not-fog) in one specific area and not others?

Or like precisely at this time in your video:

That fixes the small problem, but I still cannot 'carve out' an area with different levels of fog.
(Even if the fog is still being rendered but the alpha level is set to zero for a specific area via the fogvolume - no problem - the apparent effect to the end-user is the same: different parts of the level have different amounts of fog.)

Is this simply a feature which is not available in the Dynamic version?

How exactly did you achieve this effect with the BookoftheDead demo?


Dynamic Fog & Mist is available as an asset on the Asset Store but also included in Volumetric Fog & Mist.
In order to verify that error, could you please tell me if you're using the asset or the copy  included in the Volumetric Fog & Mist packege?


Dynamic Mist only.


I'm making a topdown shooter and want to achieve an effect exactly like in your BookoftheDead demo.

I've tried for hours to get fog volumes to work - to either include or exclude fog.

Even in a brand new, empty project, I get this error when trying to 'create other --> fog volume'

Could not load DynamicFogVolume from Resources/Prefabs folder!
DynamicFogAndMist.FogVolumeExtensions:CreateFogVolume(MenuCommand) (at Assets/DynamicFog/Editor/FogVolumeExtensions.cs:12)
UnityEditor.GenericMenu:CatchMenu(Object, String[], Int32)

If I drag the fogvolume in manually, it does nothing.

Here are my settings:

2017.4.22  -- Windows 10  -- PC Build (not VR)

What am I doing wrong?

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