Author Topic: Question about suck liquid from top to bottom of glass (simultaneously)  (Read 250 times)


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Hi there, I find your asset very interesting and intend to buy it for my project next week.

However, I would like to have few questions regarding applying your asset to my current project. My project is a VR in chemistry lab so involving a lot of performance with tubes (with various shapes).

Here are my questions:
1. If I reverse the tube, can I suck liquid from top to bottom of that tube (with tube mouth is at bottom, and tube bottom at top), just like when you use tube to suck liquid in chemistry class.
2. If I have tube with various tube mouths, can I suck liquid simultaneously from all that tube mouths to bottom.
3. Can I animate the water spill out of the tube?

For question 1 and 2 I have attached the image demonstrate the content.

I am looking forward to your response soon.

Thank you.