Dynamic Fog & Mist

Dynamic Fog & Mist

Dynamic Fog & Mist is a full-screen image effect that adds live, moving Fog, Mist and Sky Haze to your scenes making them less dull and boring.

Simply add the main script to your camera and you're set!

Purchase ($30)


  • Comes with 6 configuration presets for quick setup & run: mist, windy mist, fog, ground fog, heavy fog and sand storm
  • You can also choose the shader variation (3 variations included) and customize height and distance of the fog, fall-offs, color, noise amount, turbulence, alpha, wind speed, sky haze, ...
  • Fog Volumes: to gracefully adjust the fog and sky haze alpha on certain zones automatically, for instance, to hide fog under water, to make it appear when player enters special areas or for whatever reason you need to adjust its transparency automatically.
  • Custom void areas (Fog of War). A new demo scene shows how to clear any number of zones from fog.
  • Gradient colors: a secondary color can be chosen to create artistic/gradient fog effects.
  • Mobile and VR compatible.

Dynamic Fog & Mist is included in Volumetric Fog & Mist package! Check out Volumetric Fog & Mist for a complete fog bundle.