Grids 2D

Grids 2D

Grids 2D is an easy to use, highly optimized and flexible grid generator and territory/cell highlighter/fader.

Purchase ($30)


  • Configurable, fully interactive and flexible grid generation, including Voronoi tessellation, boxed, rectangular and hexagonal types.
  • Up to 10.000 cells per grid.
  • Produces highly optimized grid mesh with reduced vertex count.
  • Two levels of regions: cells and territories.
  • Fastest selectable and highlighting system for both cells and territories.
  • Coloring and fade out support for both cells and territories.
  • Extensive API (C#) for controlling and managing the grid, including selectable cells/territories, finding neighbours and merging cells.
  • 7 demo scenes included.
  • Source code included (C#).

If you're interested in grids that also works with Unity Terrain, check out also Terrain Grid System.