Liquid Volume Pro

Liquid Volume Pro

Liquid Volume Pro includes all features of Liquid Volume and adds new advanced options while improving compatibility with more platforms.

Liquid Volume is super easy and fun to use: just add the main script to any primitive (sphere, box, cylinder and similar shape models) to convert it into a liquid container!

Purchase ($75)

Additional Features (with regards to Liquid Volume)

  • ✓ Multiple liquid layers with custom amount, density, viscosity, adjustment speed, murkiness and colors.
  • ✓ Miscible liquids (liquids with same density will mix to form a homogeneous mixture).
  • ✓ Ability to sort liquids changing density in real time.
  • ✓ Liquid layers contact surface smoothness.
  • ✓ Bubbles effect including customizable amount, speed, size ranges, scale, brightness.
  • ✓ Improved mesh options.