Liquid Volume

Liquid Volume

Liquid Volume is a powerful and highly customizable shader that simulates animated liquid containers. Can be used in 3D scenes and 2D UI (demos included).

Liquid Volume is super easy and fun to use: just add the main script to any primitive (sphere, box, cylinder and similar shape models) to convert it into a liquid container!

Purchase ($40)


  • Volumetric-based shader for realistic 3D liquid, foam and smoke rendering.
  • 4 main variants included: simple (no murkiness), default (blends two liquid components + sparkling effect), texture bumped (which adds overlay texture, bump and distortion effects to the flask) and reflections!
  • Refraction Blur + Refraction Distortion with depth aware option.
  • PBS flask shader, reacts properly to surrounding lighting.
  • Casts realistic shadows.
  • Lot of options controlled by a custom inspector! Quickly customize smoke, foam, liquid and flask visual properties like colors, noise, alpha, turbulence, sparkling intensity, deep obscurance, density, thickness, glossiness, smoke speed, ....
  • All scenes shown in the demo video included in the asset (Volumetric Fog & Mist used as background in some parts of the video not included).