Voxel Play

Voxel Play

Voxel Play is a procedural, fast environment based on cubes.

It leverages highly optimized code, including geometry shaders and texture arrays, to generate beautiful, rich, vast infinite worlds which can be customized and modified in many ways.

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Voxel Play provides an integrated solution for sky, terrain, water, vegetation, physics, world interaction, UI, inventory and more.


  • Template based. Voxel Play works with Scriptable Objects to create world, biomes, voxels and model definitions.
  • Ready to Use with Demo Scenes.
  • Dynamically & procedural, generated automatically at runtime on demand.
  • Water System.
  • Vegetation.
  • Sky system
  • FPS Controller.
  • Console.
  • Loot & inventory system.
  • Load & save.
  • And more!...