World Map Strategy Kit

World Map Strategy Kit

World Map Strategy Kit (WMSK) is a powerful game toolkit for creating strategy games based on world map.

It includes great visual appealing features that are complex to implement to provide you a AAA kickstart in developing your game.

Purchase ($95)


  • Game viewport with 3D surface mesh for terrain with customizable/realtime height and gorgeous effects (water, coast foam, frontier lines, PBS based, ...)
  • Cloud layer with animated drop shadows over terrain.
  • Artistic and animated Fog of War with simple API to clear fog over a zone of control, country or province.
  • Path-finding engine based on A* algorithm for unit movement. Assign terrain capabilities to your units and they will automatically take the optimal path.
  • Highlighting system for selecting countries and provinces.
  • Hexagonal grid optimized for low vertex count and highest frame rate.
  • Line drawing system with animated dashed line support to show routes, throwing arcs, on-terrain paths, ...
  • Custom attributes for countries, provinces, cities, mount points, grid cells and game units. JSON support.
  • Day/night cycle.
  • Optional minimap for quick navigation.
  • Easy to use and documented API (C#) to positioning units over the map based either on lat/lon or plane/2D coordinates.
  • WGS84 datum real world cartography included, no internet connection required.
  • Includes frontiers of +4400 provinces, +7100 cities and +240 countries.
  • Cities are classified on normal cities, regional and country capitals.
  • Dynamic country labelling with adaptive text to the terrain.
  • Map Editor for creating or modifying countries, provinces and cities.
  • Mount Points support. Define your own strategic / landmarks with location, type and custom attributes over the map to easily use them during the game for positioning units, buildings, control zones, ...
  • Customize the map as you wish, change textures or water/fog color, add textures to provinces or countries, or color fill them, ...
  • Tickers/banners support. Add scrolling / blinking messages over the map easily.
  • Calculator. Convert from lat/lon to plane coordinates and vice versa.
  • Comprehensive API, documentation (+45 pages manual) and dedicated forum on kronnect.com.

In addition to all of these awesome features, the asset includes 12 demo scenes showing key features and 100% C# source code as well as access to our support forum where you can download fresh development beta releases driven by the community feedback.

The asset contains a complete API to explore and take advantage of the countries, provinces and cities catalog provided - getting information like location, metropolitan population of cities, country and province to which they belong, navigate to them, get province and country neighbours, and much more!