World Political Map 2D Edition LITE

World Political Map 2D Edition LITE

World Political Map - 2D Edition LITE adds to your scene a beautiful and interactive 2D political map with just a couple of clicks.

Drag the globe prefab to your scene and customize the look & feel.

Practical asset for applications and games that need to visualize and interact with the world and its countries, provinces and cities!

Purchase ($35)


  • Procedurally draws the frontiers of 177 countries and the location of the 243 biggest cities in the world!
  • Fully interactive map: zoom, pan, select, regions of countries and cities highlight as you pass the mouse over them.
  • Automatically draws country labels with placement options.
  • Colorize countries, provinces/states or entire continents!
  • Find and fly smoothly to any country, state, city by its name from current position. Also easily locate any world location by latitude/longitude.
  • Imaginary lines: draw latitude, longitude and cursor lines.
  • Lots of customization options: frontiers colors, highlight color, visibility of cities/frontiers/Earth, labels, ...
  • Can be instantiated and controlled by code (API and documentation provided).
  • No internet access required! Geographic data included in the asset, which does not use Google Maps nor any other map provider. Makes it very fast and works offline!
  • Mobile friendly: tested on Android and iOS.
  • Source code included (C#).

Use this asset to allow the user to choose a region or destination of the world, to show data/info/resource icons, great for mission briefings, strategy games, Earth HUD/locator of targets/resources, ... Also great for educational software, reports, statistical and data-viz applications!